Crew Seeking Boats

Do YOU want to race... but don't have a boat?

No problem, simply POST A COMMENT BELOW, stating your desire to crew or get involved. Be sure to include your name, contact email or phone number, availability and skill level.

An NPSA captain or crew member that can accomodate you will respond to you as soon as they can.... And remember, all are welcome so don't hesitate to speak up!

See you on the water.


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  2. Good Afternoon
    Brand new sailor looking to learn how to sail

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  7. Hi- I am not actually trying to sell anything! My girlfriend and I may be interested in crewing sometime, if you don't mind having total newbies for crew (we make excellent ballast!). Please contact me at if you think you could use us!

  8. Hi skippers! Looking to crew. I sail in Baltimore at the Downtown Sailing Center. I race weekly in the J22 fleet in all positions; foredeck, spinnaker trim/hoist/douse, jib trim and can skipper.
    I have ASA 101 & 103. Have sailed on Catalinas, Pearsons, J 24s & 35s, IPs, Merits, & Sonars.
    I also have experience on racing a Jeanneau 36 as jib trim/grinding and main trim.
    Favorite cocktail = dark & stormy.
    Willing to come for practice and see if we 'fit'. I love racing, can be competitive, but really just love the experience, being on the water & the camaraderie.
    I take instruction and directions well. :)

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