First 2 Cruises !!!!

Hi Everyone, the First 2 Cruises for the season have been announced.

June 6th - Fells Point, Henderson's Marina (make sure to call and get reservations, 410-732-1049)

July 18th - Rock Hall, Gratitude Marina

More Info to follow

NPSA Members,
Our first two meetings at the Sail Inn have been a bit rowdy and fun. Many things have been discussed and we need to finalize some issues at the next meeting.  Now we need more of you to join us to make sure we’re going to get off to a great start for the 2015 racing season.  
Here are highlights of the past meetings and issues still outstanding.

Captains: The April 1st meeting is REQUIRED- we need everyone there so we can iron out the last few details before the season begins. 

Final Pre-Season Meeting:     April 1st
Donuts at the Yard:               April 18th and 25th
Practice Starts:                    April 18th
First Race:                          April 22nd.
Double Handed Race:          July 18th
Harry Young Cup:                September 12th

It has been discovered that several of the courses in previous NPSA Racing Instructions were recorded significantly short of their actual distance.  The current course lengths have been checked on various online navigation apps based on NOAA data.  After discussion at the last meeting the GPS coordinates of the buoys used as course marks will also be verified.  All this data will be added to the 2015 racing instructions. If you have any other concerns about the courses or scoring please bring them to the April 1 meeting.

NEW EVENT: Practice Starts April 18th
Depending on how may boats want to participate, the Committee Boat crew has graciously agreed to go out the morning of Saturday April 18th and run three practice start sequences to help us all get tuned up for the 2015 season. The plan is to drop a simple mark about a quarter mile from a start line at PW8 then give us three class sequences.  First boat to the mark gets bragging rights.  We’d like to hear at the April 1 meeting how many skippers would be likely to participate.

2015 DUES
Dues are assessed by the Boat. Crew members are covered in the boat’s fee.
Spin $ 100
Non Spin $ 60
Cruising $ 40
Individuals not affiliated with a boat $ 20

We need to finalize a discussion on whether or not to automatically cancel racing if an agreed upon weather alert source issues a “Severe Weather Alert” as of 5:00PM or 5:15 PM.  We need to consensus of the membership so please come to the meeting and let us know how you feel.

Rock Creek would still like to share starts with two of our four series of races but in 2015 would like NPSA Spin boat to come over to the south side of the river for series #2 and #3 with them coming to our side of the river for series #1 and #4.  We need to hear from all the Spin skippers.