Annual Dudley Boycott Memorial Double Handed Race - Results

 Thank you to all who participated. Congratulations on the win to Ant and Sue on Rodeo Clown. Turned out to be a nice windy day!

CourseCStart Time11:05:05Distance5.77
PlaceBoat NameModelSail NumberRating (PHRF)Start TimeFinish Time
1Rodeo ClownJ 2712911:14:1412:14:41
2CookieTartan 30006318416811:10:2912:16:11
3Nic Nic NicSoveral 276347613811:13:2212:16:22
4GUNS2 9.18321813511:13:3912:17:52
5Whistle JacketJ 34c1812311:14:4912:21:49
6ImpiYngling 212022211:05:1712:23:18
7Roaring 40'sCatalina 27329221911:05:3512:28:57
8FishHunter 257308522511:05:0012:29:29
9AmbitionWatkins 2921911:05:35missed, whoops

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