Annual Dudley Boycott Memorial Double Handed Race

 Hi All,

     It's that time of year again for the Annual Dudley Boycott Memorial Double Handed Race. If you'd like to join in on the fun, you'll need to let us know no later than Friday 7/23. Please email me and the commodore: & to register.

So far we have:
Whistle Jacket

Rendezvous: 7/24 11AM at PW8

This is a pursuit style race. Start times will be sent to all competitors Friday evening.
A: Very Short Course: START(PW8), BC6, PW12, FINISH(PW8) – 3.22 nm
B: Short Course: START(PW8), BC4, BC6, PW12, FINISH(PW8) – 4.31 nm
C: Long Course: START(PW8), BC4, BC8, PW12, FINISH(PW8) – 5.77 nm
D. Very Long Course: START(PW8), BC2B, BC12, PW12, FINISH(PW8) – 8.4 nm

Awards/Social to follow at the Clubhouse

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